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How Is Sunny Gorilla Different Than The Rest?


Our expert solar consultants are here to educate and inform, so you are empowered to make the right decision for you. We saw the biggest barrier to solar adoption as the education that is needed to make the right decision for each homeowner.


We work with the nation's leading solar providers so you can quickly and easily compare all your options and pick the one that matches your needs. Picking the right solar company is crucial to getting the most out of solar for the future value of your home.


Our goal is to save you the most money on electricity every year. We will find you the best deal possible in your area, and we will do it for free. We strive to make the solar shopping experience the smoothest and easiest anywhere in the nation.

Dear Solar Panel Professional,

As someone who’s spent a fair amount of time in the solar panel industry, you know that growing your customer base is a time-consuming task. You’ve built your reputation by word of mouth, all of your customers love you, but you’re are well aware that this particular strategy won’t cut it when taking your solar panel installation business to the next level.

So how do you get more customers?

One sure way to get more customers is by generating your own leads. You may have tried it already and you know what’s in store. You deal with prospects who want a solar roof top but they’re not necessarily ready to take the next step; or you do get a lead who you’re sure is 100 % ready to go but they flake out on you. Things like this usually result in lost time where it could’ve been better used elsewhere. There are other critical decisions you have to tend to when seeking growth for your establishment.

This is where Sunny Gorilla comes in. We handle all the lead generation tasks for you so you can just focus on doing what you do best- installing solar panels.

How do we do it?

Our approach to gaining ready-to-buy leads involves having a wealth of informational content that educates customers about transitioning to a greener lifestyle. We help them figure out what kind of solar panels they should get for their home and what to look for in when determining the cost of each solar panel. We show them how they can make a difference in our environment by giving them tips on how to use less energy. That strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. We and our partners are always on the lookout that one burning question a homeowner may have.

Our Web Presence

We work with many other professionals in the solar industry which allows us to effectively use SEO, keywords, and search algorithms to our advantage. Our web presence spans all across the United States so you can be sure that when a prospect hits the search pages, they will come to us or any of our partnerships.

Because we’re able to find leads from all over the US, our lead generation strategy is honed like nobody else’s. Different states mean different situations with laws, geography, and general climate. For example, many homeowners believe that there has to be sufficient amount of sun in order for them to live off of solar energy. We pride ourselves in being able to provide answers to homeowners no matter how complex their state solar energy laws are.

In this vast sea of information, we aim to be the lighthouse that guides our readers in learning the intricacies of solar panel installation. That drive is what ranks Gorilla Leads high in the search pages.

When you choose us to be your partner in getting solar leads, you can be sure that you are working with professionals who will qualify these leads no matter what. We have a variety of ways of acquiring our leads such as Solar Live Transfers, Telemarketing Solar Appointments.

Just like we vet our leads, we vet our partners whether it the educational aspect or solar telemarketing.

Drilling Down Our Leads

Our solar leads are vetted and you will see that once your conversion rates take off. We will make sure that they are ready to buy. Like we’ve mentioned before, we will not set you up with seemingly prospective customers that will back out at the last minute. We never set our clients up with leads that have turned out to be duds in the past. Keeping our reputation in the solar power industry is our number one priority, and we do that by serving our clients professionally.

In this past year, we have qualified over 100,000 leads. Thanks to the fast growth in the energy industry that has exploded this past year, our numbers will grow twice as much. There’s data that shows homeowners are making the switch to solar energy, and we aim to harness that enthusiasm for solar energy that translates into a hefty return on investment.

Who is this service for?

We are proud to serve many different solar panel installation companies of many sizes. We’ve seen many of them that we’re fledgling but then expanded into many different cities. When you are ready to take your solar technology to the next level, you will have a partner that will have one major aspect of your business covered. Installing panels for homeowners should be your main priority, not finding prospects. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting work just because you’re stuck between getting customers for your business and actually doing your job.

When we say that we’re your partners, we really mean it! Our 24/7 is available to help you with whatever you need. The solar technology industry is always changing, and both homeowners and panel installers need guidance. If you decide that the lead you had was a dud, we’ll help you out. I

Budget issues seem to arise for all kinds of business, especially with the solar panel industry. At Sunny Gorilla, we’ll know what the best plan is for generating leads at a reasonable cost. We will work with you to ensure that there won’t be any kind of financial missteps in the future. And most importantly, contracts are based on how satisfied you are with our performance, the solar leads will be as lucrative for us as they are for you.

So what do you say? With Sunny Gorilla, you will see quickly that you have made the right choice for your solar panel installation company. You will know about the quality of our leads when you partner up with Sunny Gorilla. Our web presence is vast and expansive, and it has quality educational content for those who are interested in making a transition to a greener life. Our leads are rigorously vetted and will be prepped for your sales team to convert into a customer. Choose Sunny Gorilla, you won’t be disappointed.


Your partner at Sunny Gorilla